Metallurgical &Corban Products

> Chrome Ore

Keaton/group has been active in the Chrome ore/chrome concentrate space for a long time. Chrome ore from India can only be exported by the Government of India agency which acts as a canalising agent for this product. Keaton has been procuring from the Government of India enterprise since Keaton’s inception in india.

> Iron Ore

Iron ore supplies from India have been dwindling in recent years due to government restrictions on mining, transporting and trading of the same. However, Avani still has access to good quality iron ore as well as pellets from India. During the pre-restrictions years, Keaton/group was one of the largest suppliers of iron ore from India to China. Also, Keaton has experience of dealing in Chilean iron ore.

> Manganese Ore

The manganese ore trade in India is dominated by the large global producers. However, Keaton does have access to some high-quality Manganese ore.

> Anthracite

Making up about one percent of all forms of coal reserves in the world, anthracite is the oldest and rarest of the geological formations of coal. Anthracite has the highest carbon content among all varieties of coal.It has the highest carbon content among all varieties of coal.We have access to some of the standard and high grades of Anthracite and have started trading in this product recently. Early market studies show a promising future for this product in our chosen markets.

> Coking Coals

Keaton is a major supplier of coking coal to India and China. Our strengths lie both in procuring and selling. We procure mainly from the large miners of the world with whom we have continuing relationships for close to a decade. We buy from almost all the coking coal exporting regions like Australia, Africa, Canada, China, Russia and the US. Besides, we do have access to some unconventional sources as well.

This varied sourcing pool allows us to supply almost all varieties of coking coal (prime low volatile, medium volatile or high volatile), semi-hard, semi-soft and others thus striking a techno-economic balance of our customers.

Metallurgical Coke

We are a major supplier of metallurgical coke to steel mills, pig iron producers and ferroalloy plants. Metallurgical coke is an extremely quality-sensitive product for the ferrous industry and constitutes a significant proportion of the production costs. Our strategic tie-ups and deep relationships with major coke sources and on-ground presence across the supply chain ensures consistency of product quality and on-time delivery, thereby providing a cost-competitive solution for this critical raw material need of our customers. Apart from Chinese coke, we also supply other origin cokes such as Colombia, US, Korea etc on a case-to-case basis.

Our metallurgical coke customers range from small to very large producers and we can consolidate demand and leverage our scale to deliver value to our customers through cost-effective sourcing. As experts in the product-market, we provide useful and real-time market information to our customers who rely on us for sound procurement advice in this rather volatile product-market. With almost 100% customer retention, through proven performance and commitment to long-term business relationship, we are currently a supplier of choice for many of our customers.


This alloy, containing 65 to 68 percent manganese, 16 to 21 percent silicon, and 1.5 to 2 percent carbon, is produced by the smelting of slag from high-carbon ferromanganese or of manganese ore with coke and a quartz flux. Smelting temperatures are higher than in ferromanganese production, and greater energy is needed to reduce the quartz to silicon.

Lumpy, 65-75% Mn basis, 14-25% Si, min. 65% Mn, max 17% Si

Manganese Ore

The main ores are the oxides, such as pyrolusite , MnO 2 ; hausmannite , Mn 3 O 4 ; and manganite , MnO(OH).

Manganese ores may accumulate in metamorphic rocks or as sedimentary deposits, frequently forming nodules on the sea floor. The world's main producers are Georgia , Ukraine , South Africa , Brazil , Gabon , and India .

48/50% Mn max 0.1%P, $/mtu metallurgical Mn


A product of the blast furnace, containing, besides iron, 78 to 82% of manganese and some silicon, phosphorus, sulphur and carbon. It is used as a deoxidizer and for the introduction of manganese into steel.

Basis 78% Mn (Scale pro rata), standard 7.5% C, 78% Mn, standard 7.5% C, medium carbon, 80% min Mn, 1.5% max C