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About Keaton

Keaton Energy (P) Limited

Focusing on establishing new businesses in the infrastructure and energy sector, Keaton Energy Limited (KEH) is an incubator that remains motivated to convert opportunities to thriving businesses.

Since our listing in 2018, we have consistently delivered value – maximizing returns for stakeholders and proactively participating in nation building activities.

Over the past three decades, [KEH] is group has broadened its presence across key industries, to emerge as a market leader. We are now poised to nurture businesses that address issues of national importance.

Businesses such as Keaton Imports and Keaton Solar Power, Keaton Mining Development Operations,  and Keaton Chemicals, Keaton Natural Resources, Keaton Metallurgical &Corban Products,Keaton Ferro-Alloys Products, Keaton Solar Panels  have been demerged from Keaton Energy  synergise growth and facilitate our nation building endeavours.

To sustain our vision of an empowered nation, we now remain focused on building infrastructure for Imports,  and Solar manufacturing.


To be a world class leader in businesses that enrich lives and contribute to nations in building infrastructure through sustainable value creation.


Chairman Keaton Energy [P]Limited