Natural Resources

imported & indian Coal 

The Coal we supply ensures people get electricity, infrastructure development continues, and essential industries endure. We ensure nations continue getting reliable and cost-effective energy essential for fair economic growth and prosperity

We supply large quantities of Thermal Coal, Coking Coal and Petroleum Coke to over Global energy deficit countries across Asia, Middle East, North Africa & South America. Our customer base spans across large powerplants and cement players to smaller businesses. We provide value added services to end customers such as end-to-end logistics, warehousing, transaction structuring, advisory and price risk management.Our sourcing is across all major coal deposits across South Africa, Indonesia, USA, Australia and Russia - enabling us to deliver the exact quantity, quality and delivery period required. This also enables us to provide assured market access to coal mines.

We also add value through our distribution operations in India as well as providing assured market access to coal miners and buyers.